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Hello and welcome!

What we discovered left us speechless. You can create a brand new book in less than twenty minutes by simply uploading a specific image into the software and clicking one button. 
The result was something that we had never seen before, and people are going crazy to get more designs, but only a few are available right now on Amazon and as printables.
Creativity plays a significant role here, as you can create different books or collections about many niches, or only movies, cartoons, singers, and whatever comes to your mind right now.
It is like coloring books but way less stressful. You don’t need a lot of pencils and hours. You only need a gel pen or a marker to complete an awesome spiral, the ones we will show you through this page.

People Love Classic Hobbies. And Here, They Have
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Creating a Book With Those Spirals Takes Only
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Creating a Spiral Is Super Simple!

Find a Particular Type Of Picture.

Upload It On One Of
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Hit The “Create” Button.

Are You Ready To Discover
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From The Desk Of…

Alessandro Zamboni

Andreas Quintana

With the proper instructions, anything becomes more effortless. This time we are talking about a secret software capable of generating an unlimited number of spiroglyphics / spirals in minutes and from the comfort of your house!

Spirals that you can use for creating books, but also in a lot more ways we will show you inside our course. There are a lot of ways to resell those engaging designs, and we studied all of them before creating this for you to give you the best opportunity.
Those simple spirals are treasures, and all your customers have to do is pass their black or color marker, or better, a gel pen, on the lines to let the secret image appear. 
And there are not only the round spirals. With a different plugin, you can start creating double-entry spirals and nine additional designs like hearts, squares, and much more.

Check Some Examples Below!

Those Are Already Colored Spirals.

The Subject Line’s Book We Were Talking About…

Today you have the same technique as this author to create a lot of spiroglyphics/spirals, and not only that because you can choose between ten spirals, squares, circles, and more designs thanks to our step-by-step course.

This single book is earning around $17,364 per year passively, and once published, there is no work or updates behind it. That’s the beauty of paper books publishing.
And this is not a unique book by the author. He has many doing great, with good earnings that go up month by month. Last but not least, this is only one of the many places where you can sell spirals!

And The Others!

$1,447 Per Month In Sales, All Done With a Few
Spirals And a Great Book Idea.  Imagine Duplicating
This How Many Times You Want With New Designs.

A Lot Of Niches Are Missing, And Customers Want
Them. Are You Ready To Fulfill Their Needs?

What You Won’t Have To Do, 

And What This Is Not.
  • You won’t have to work hard. It’s a simple app that does an excellent job creating profitable spirals you can sell!
  • There are no long and tedious videos to study. It’s all to the point and easy to repeat.
  • There is no saturation, as you can work with millions of ideas and niches.
  • ​You won’t need to pay freelancers to do this job. You can do it in a single minute per spiral.
  • ​​It is not a project stealing you hours from your day, as it is the perfect side business you can run when you have time.
  • ​There are no angry customers because they know what they want and can see what they get from the book cover, or in other cases.
  • ​You don’t have to work every day around this business. Once your book is published, everything else is passive.
  • ​You don’t need to send paid traffic to your products. If you want, you can accelerate traffic via Pinterest, and people’s curiosity will do the rest.

Here Is What You Can Have Access To With Our Course.

  • Discover how to create professional spiroglyphics (spirals.)
  • How to create two different spiral styles with the first app.
  • How to create other ten styles with the second app.
  • ​How to compile your spirals book.
  • ​How to create brilliant print-on-demand products with spirals.
  • ​How to create beautiful printables with spirals.
  • ​The type of photo you need to create the best spirals for your customers.
  • ​And much, much more relevant tips and tricks!

Thanks To Spirals Empire, You Can Learn

How To Profit From This New World.

Once You Have This Course, You Just Need

To Prepare Your Spirals To Start Selling.
20 Mins For a Complete Book, And Nothing Else!

It Is The Birth Of a Huge Opportunity To Create Books, Printables, And Print-On-Demand Products

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We Give You The Keys To Start a Brand New Business. After Coloring Books, This
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If you experience any trouble, or you are not happy with your purchase, you can ask a refund in the first 14 days from your purchase date.

Please send an email to puck82@gmail.com, and I guarantee your refund in no more than 48 hours.

Thanks a lot, and see you on the inside!

Alessandro Zamboni

Andreas Quintana

P.S. Over the years, we proved to be the best A-team (Alessandro & Andreas) of the publishing/printable world. Spirals Empire is a release we are really proud of, so don’t lose this incredible chance.

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