About us

We are small rural farmers from Ulah, North Carolina, United States 2006 being at home and recovering from a serious car accident discovered buying and selling online. Meat grinders on eBay, bought from China. One day I had lunch with a soon to be mentor and business associate. James J. Jones. He told me I should write and eBook on importing and selling online. If I can make a nice livable income from the internet ANYONE can. I am and still somewhat internet challenged. Never learned how to write program. Bought all of the programs I needed. Now I am able to do a lot more on my own. How? By just doing it. A lot of Trial and error. Multiple failures, in the thousands. The secret is to NOT QUIT

So we welcome and thank you for stopping by IMWITHWATER
Our goal is to share quality E-books, Videos and other items and/or material. Many times at no cost to you. Or a small amount to invest in your future.
My bride and I live on a small farm in North Carolina. We have goats, chickens, rabbits, cats. In 2006 while being laid up from a car accident, I found out I could both buy and sell on eBay.
Then I found out we could buy items to sell online from China, India and The Middle East. After about a year of doing that I came to know and trust my friend and mentor James J. Jones. He talked me into writing and eBook about importing and selling on line.

I have learned, from mentors and friends, how to earn a comfortable living for my bride and I. It is my plan and purpose, with this site, to share some knowledge and information to help you develop a nice life style.

Some of the items, information and videos are of my own making. Some are from very knowledgeable men and women. When possible we will share items at no charge. Other times we must ask you to invest in your future. Every item, product, etc,, comes a 100% money back.
Please enjoy our new site. Should you have any questions, concern please contact me at admin@imwithwalter.com

From our home to yours. We speak Blessings