Importing for Auctions


Quick Start Course to Importing by: Walter Scheu



Beginning Importers Cheat sheet — This is a simple soup-to-nuts, one page reference list that you tells you every step of the process. From finding the product you want to sell to taking delivery from the overseas manufacturer. Refer to this resource whenever you get stuck in the process or need to know what to do next.

Audio Interview With James Jones Plus Transcripts — You’re also going to get a one hour 14 minute audio with interview with famous Ebayer James Jones. I am including the transcripts of the audio so you can read and follow along at your own pace.

Directory of Overseas Suppliers — What course on Importing would be complete without a listing of suppliers? Here’s a great resource for finding potential suppliers as well as tips for using the sites. Some of the listed sites highlight a particular country or region while others are global. You’ll spend a lot of time using this resource to find companies that have unique, desirable and in demand products you can import and sell.

Special Report: How To Pay for Import Shipments without Getting Ripped Off — There are A LOT of con men out there. Read this report to learn how to deal with overseas suppliers without getting ripped off. This report is absolutely crucial!

Special Report: Working with Customs Brokers — Your Customs Broker is be your link to the your overseas suppliers. Learn exactly how to find, hire and work with a customs broker. This report includes the phone number to the Customs Broker I use and recommend.


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