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“A New Type of Private Label Rights That You Might Not Have Ever Realized You Wanted Until Today… Viral PLR”
(Powerful Passive Profits Edition)

Discover How You Can Instantly Acquire Expert Content, Even Rich Membership Site Content, and Use It to Brand Yourself as an Authority… Starting Today!

(Note: Before I start, one thing… Viral PLR is relatively new and unique. It’s MORE than regular PLR (private label rights) because it gives you a tremendous advantage over using regular PLR. Please continue reading to find out how it can benefit you!)


In a Hurry, and Just Want to Know the Highlights?  Behold What’s Waiting For You In LESS Than 27 Seconds After Ordering:

You get  content with over 30,000 words inside (with the secret sauce)!  SO many uses including:

 Give away for list building

 Edit, claim ownership, sell and more

 Repurpose into the following (and dozens more ideas!):

  • ➡ Automated blog posts
  • ➡ Slide decks
  • ➡ Paid eClasses delivered by autoresponder
  • ➡ Transcribe into YouTube/Vimeo/etc videos
  • ➡ Create your own profitable products and so much more…

Just like traditional quality private label rights (PLR) content!

But in addition, this is “viral PLR” which gives the added “Secret Sauce” benefit that most traditional PLR does not!

You can create rebrandable reports that you can give or sell to others, who can insert their own affiliate links inside, encouraging them to share or give away or resell to others, bringing you profit and added email signups. This is truly viral and most traditional PLR does NOT allow this feature.

You would expect to pay extra for the viral aspect, but during this special offer, it’s INCLUDED!

Keep reading for more information, or navigate to the bottom to claim yours now!

Dear Profit-Seeking Marketer,

You know that the Internet wants, needs, seeks out, and devours content like a black hole.

Much of that content is nothing to admire, but the good stuff, the really good stuff, grabs visitors like a magnet.

Trouble is, it takes time to create, doesn’t it?

So you look for shortcuts… like outsourcing to skilled writers. That can be expensive, if you want unique content exclusive to you and you alone.

So we turn to providers of private label rights.

There are a handful or two of writers who consistently deliver excellent content that you can use as your own, with few strings attached, for your own profit. You can mold and monetize to your heart’s content…

… almost.

See, most licenses have terms similar to those below:

  • [NO] Can Sell or transfer resell rights
  • [NO] Can sell private label rights
  • [NO] Can sell or transfer giveaway rights

or maybe:

  • To protect the value of these products, you may not pass on the rights to your customers. This means that your customers may not have the PLR rights or reprint / resell rights passed on to them.
  • You may not pass on any kind of licensing (PLR, reprint / resell, etc.) to ANY offer created from ANY PORTION OF this content that would allow additional people to sell or give away any portion of the content contained in this package.

or even:

Don’t pass along anything other than read only rights to it – meaning you can’t resell the PLR or turn it into resale rights products.

Or something similar.

Of course, the vendor is trying to protect his or her buyers, so that the content isn’t devalued.

But here’s the thing…

Sometimes you would like to get your products into the hands of others who will share it.

You want to achieve virality.

You want to distribute it to others far and wide, beyond the scope of your own limited channel.

That’s where Viral PLR comes to the Rescue!

What I mean by “Viral PLR” is private label rights that also comes with the rights to rebrand and allow others to share it.

This gives the PLR buyer the ability to allow the content to be rebranded (but not otherwise modified) with affiliate links.

Viral PLR, by using a rebrandable PDF, allows buyers to share the PDF with a their own group of followers, who might share even further.

In other words, instead of  saying [NO] to resell or giveaway rights, it says [YES] while still preventing the transfer of PLR rights.

Which means that the buyer of the Viral PLR can modify and monetize the content, for example by putting product or affiliate links inside, and allow others to share the resulting PDF.

So Joe buys the Viral PLR product, uses it, creates a PDF with his resource section, sells or gives it away to Mary, who shares it with her friends, and her friends, who Joe never made direct contact with, purchase from Joe from the links inside the PDF.

Or even further, Joe sells Mary rebranding rights to HIS PDF, so that she can rebrand the PDF with her own affiliate links, giving her more of a reason why, also known as a WIIFM (what’s in it for me?) to share it with her friends.

So now that I’ve explained what Viral PLR is, and the advantage, where do you get it?

Right now, there’s not a lot of this available. I predict that beginning this year (2021) that will change.

Yes, some are now offering rebranding rights, but not allowing true PLR rights to the same content.

We think true “Viral PLR” should offer both capabilities, combining:

  • regular PLR rights, so that you can modify it, make it your own, in your own voice, and…
  • rebranding rights, so that you can allow others to share the content with others, i.e. saying YES to transferring giveaway or resell rights.

So, with that being said… Lucky You…

Behold:  Viral PLR:  Powerful Passive Profits Edition!

Whether you’re looking for something to help you build passive profits of your own, or options to share with others and either build your email subscriber list, income, or use as a bonus to encourage other product or affiliate sales, this edition is perfect for you!

Originally a best-seller on its own, I’m thrilled to offer this to you with both private label rights, as well as a rebrandable version that you can share and profit from.

Clocking in at over 30,000 words, chapters can be extracted, mixed/matched, or whatever you want to do.

Chapter titles include:

What Would It Mean For You To Have This In Your Life?
Who Do You Admire That Lives This Kind Of Life?
Do You Truly Believe You Can Live This Kind of Life?
Is It Really Possible for An Income Stream to Be Truly Passive, Forever?
Setting Goals and Deadlines for Your Dreams
Create a Roadmap for Your Success
Setting Yourself up for Success, Avoiding Burnout, and Finally Following Through
An Overview of the Passive Income Life
Passive Income Stream #1: Affiliate Marketing Websites
Passive Income Stream #2: Blogging for Passive Income
Passive Income Stream #3: Kindle Publishing
Passive Income Stream #4: Email List Building
Passive Income Stream #5: Product Creation
Passive Income Stream #6: Continuity Programs
Be A Self-Starter for Incredible Passive Income
Tie Your Income Streams Together
Stay on Top of Your Passive Income Streams
Managing Your Income Streams
How to Make This Report Your 24/7 Digital Sales Machine

You’ll also receive a rebrandable version of the entire book that can be resold, used as a bonus, given away, etc., after rebranding with your own affiliate links. (Sold separately for $27, this is included).

Individual articles within the book can be used and rebranded for distribution (rebranding software necessary, and available separately, to do your own rebranding (which isn’t necessary if you want to use it as ordinary PLR content).

And one more bonus included with this special offer… You’ll also receive a license to the rebrandable version of our Viral PDFs Case Study, which you can give away with your affiliate links inside, or use as a lead magnet to build your email subscriber list, like we ourselves do (normally the rebranding license is $17 for this alone).

Total Value

So, all together you’re receiving over 30,000 words of premium self-help content, in the form of 19+ articles that can be used as blog posts, podcast episodes, converted to YouTube videos, mixed and matched into eBooks, or anything else you want. You also get a rebranding license to add your own affiliate links to the report, so that you can give away or sell as is and earn affiliate commissions. Or you can use rebranding software to create your own rebrandable content.

Most premium PLR content of this caliber would sell for at between 1 and 4 cents per word if the only rights you were to receive were regular PLR rights. That would place the total value at $300.00 to $1,200.00!

Value: $300 to $1,200!

With the included rebranding rights, the value would be far more, but you’ll pay nowhere near that amount if you purchase today.

Your rights to the above include the following


Now to many, the differences aren’t so obvious, and how many people fully study the licenses anyway, right?

But the differences can add 4, 5, 6-figures to your bottom line, and hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of subscribers to your email lists!

How Much For Everything?

Since this is running as a special offer on Warrior Plus, you won’t have to pay even the minimum expected $300, of course.

So ordinarily, on this platform, you would expect to pay as much as $27 alone for regular PLR rights to a complete ebook that can be resold or given away. And with Viral PLR rights, giving you the ability to brand them all with your unique affiliate links, and pass them on to others who could use them as lead magnets or give them to others, or resell them to others with your links inside… the value would at least double.

But today, for a limited time, and to introduce you to the power and profitability of Viral PLR and rebranding, we’re keeping the price lower than you could hope for in your wildest dreams… see below

Start taking advantage of Viral PLR today, here and now

Have a spectacular day!

Dennis Becker and Barb Ling

P.S. Remember, you’ll be receive an entire eBook with all of the above articles included, along with a liberal private label license AND the ability to rebrand and share (sell OR give away the book to others, building your email subscriber list and/or income)…

Go with your gut – you’ll be able to rebrand all of these with YOUR affiliate link, generate passive commissions and more… start increasing your bottom line today!