Why does this WordPress Plugin Work so Darned well?
Keep reading below for the “Happy Accident” that led us to building this powerful tool and helping our local agency customers explode their businesses…

It all started 3 years ago when we had one of our Agency Customers send us a very strange request.

Zach Anderson
Digital Agency Owner

Dr Ben Adkins
Digital Agency Owner

We had recently built a new website for a Chiropractor client in North Carolina.

The website was doing great in branding his office as the BEST destination for Chiropractic care in the area and he was already seeing great results from it.

After a few months of the site being up, we got a call from the Chiropractor and he wanted to know if there was anyway that we could set up something on the website that would allow his site visitors to text his phone with any questions that he had.

We said that I could look into it but that it would probably be expensive to build something that would do this.

He told us that he would be willing to pay whatever it cost to have it built.
(We were a little shocked when he said this).

The more we dug into why he wanted his website to have this functionality, the more it made sense.

A few years prior…
This particular Chiropractor had started giving his cell phone number out to patients a few years earlier and had tripled his monthly visits. He was doing 3x as much business just by being available to his patients when they needed him.

He told us that he had become what he called an “On-Demand Doctor” and a few text messages here and there (which his receptionist actually handled) had completely changed his bottom line.

He figured that adding this function to his website would help him convert even more casual site visitors into new patients (and existing patients into more return visits).

We started building the solution for him and once it was ready we launched the “Text the Business” button on his website.

It absolutely blew up…
He had potential patients texting him daily and he was able to instantly answer their questions and convert them into paying patients (right from the office cell phone).

From there, we started using the custom “Text-Connector” plugin on all of our Agency clients sites. From Chiropractors, Dentists, Real Estate Agents, Gyms, Mechanics, and everything in between… the results spoke for themselves.

When someone added our “Text the Business” button to their website, Business Increased Immediately.

For the next few years…
We tweaked and improved on this technology and turned it into something that was not only easy to use, but got our Agency Customers even better results with each new version.

We built a WordPress Plugin so that we could set it up on our Customer’s Websites in under 2 minutes… but what it ACTUALLY does completely changes HOW THEIR SITES PULLS IN CUSTOMERS.

We are Extremely excited to introduce you to…
How Does the Text-Connector WordPress Plugin Work?
Setting up the Plugin is easy,
But the Results are Powerful…

STEP 1: 
Upload the Plugin to your client’s WordPress based Business Website.
STEP 2: 
Customize a few settings to match your local business customer’s brand.
STEP 3: 
Potential Customers click a button to ask a question and start communicating directly with you (or you agency customers) via their cell phone.
STEP 4: 
The Business gets a message directly from the Prospective Customer’s phone and is able to respond instantly to the message right from their cell phone (and convert an interested party into a paying customer without ever having to speak to them).
Scan this QR Code with your Phones Camera to see how the plugin works.
The simple act of setting up this plugin on our Agency Customer’s websites results in more interaction and more sales immediately. The longer it stays on, the more sales it helps the business bring in.
But Wait…
You’re not just getting the “Text-Connector” Plugin… 
You’re also going to Learn exactly how we use it to grow our Local Customer’s Businesses…

Our Included “Text Connector Masterclass” will show you exactly how to Get Started Fast.

Here’s what you’ll learn Inside…

Module 1:
The Psychology of an “Instant Answer” at your Fingertips.

You’ll learn the simple psychology that makes this plugin a powerhouse for our local business customers and exactly how to set it up to get maximum results for your customers (and yourself) right out of the gate. 

Module 2:
How to get Text-Connector Clients this week using a Postcard.

You’ll learn exactly how we approach businesses from a distance and get them excited about working with our agency. This plugin is the ultimate foot in the door and it’s something that every single business needs (but I’ll show you exactly how to find and sign up the “low-hanging fruit” starting this wee).

Module 3:
How much to charge for a “Text-Connector” Enabled site.

You’ll learn exactly what to charge your customers to set up and install the plugin on their website and exactly how to train their staff to respond to all incoming messages (this is the key to helping your customers get 5-10x more revenue per month).

Module 4: 
How to turn a “Text-Connector” sale into a $300/month per client.

You’re also going to learn the exact strategy that I use to turn a one time “Text-Connector” sale into a full blown monthly recurring revenue program (and the exact process that I use to sell it to my “Text-Connector” clients. THIS IS THE BIG SECRET behind why I love this plugin so much and why it’s such an important part of my Agency’s growth.

But that’s not all… If you get inside today,
You’re also getting these special

LIVE Bonus Sessions

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Million Dollar Buttons System Live Training

I’ll walk you through the powerful shift in my agency that allows my to charge 5k-10k up front and $300/month (Hint: It’s all about changing from a services model to a licensing model). This live mastermind session will change the way you think about running an agency and earning a passive income online.

The “Digital Business Card” that tripled our Agency Sales.

I’ll take you behind the scenes and show you the “Digital Business Card” template that we use to put our potential agency customers into a buying state and close the deal more efficiently.
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Commercial Use License
(For all your Agency Customers)

One Site License
(For your own Use on 1 site)

This Proven Sales Process and WordPress Plugin
Just. Flat. Works.
This Plugin and Sales Process has been tested and proven to work in all of the following Industries…




HVAC Providers

Real Estate Agents

Fitness Centers





Online Shops

Info Marketers

And just about any other business that you can think of too…

What People Say about our Software and Training Programs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Text-Connector

Am I allowed to use this plugin on Client sites?
If you purchase the “Unlimited Sites” version of the plugin, you are also getting a commercial license to use it on your client’s sites. All you need to do is install it and go and the “Unlimited License” has you covered.
How Much should I charge my Agency Client for this?
That’s totally up to you. 
In our Agency, we typically use this as a “foot in the door”. Inside of the Text-Connector training, we show you exactly how we use the plugin, how we get clients, and the Recurring Monthly services we upsell after we sell the plugin to our Agency Customers.
Do I need to Purchase Credits for this to work?
Nope! No Credits Needed.
This is a one time investment.
The plugin works by easily making the connection between your site browsers phone and the phone of the owner/manager. Once they click the button on the site (see example above), they are instantly connected directly to the business owner/manager by their phone built in text messaging system. The owner/manager will communicate with them via their phone too. This plugin works well because it makes connecting a consumer and business easy.
Is this just for WordPress Sites or will it work on html sites too?
The Text-Connector plugin is for WordPress only. This plugin allows you to quickly and easily set up the ultimate connection from customer to business owner/manager. You can install it on any wordpress website and be live in under a minute.
Still Wondering If the “Text-Connector” Plugin Is For You?

This Checklist Should Help…

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  • Do you need an easy foot-in-the-door service that is easy to get clients to sign up for and will almost instantly lead them into higher ticket and monthly services?
  • Are you tired of jumping from shiny objects and looking for something that just flat works and is backed by people who really do this for a living? 
  • Are you ready to get your Customers Real Results fast?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions…
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Commercial Use License
(For all your Agency Customers)

One Site License
(For your own Use on 1 site)

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