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 Dream About Money?
  • Cashing in from your laptop without the usual online marketing BS?
  • Banking crypto profits without risk, investment or expertise?
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This Is Stupidly Simple
How does a 12 year old kid …
Who knows NOTHING about online marketing …
Make $2,000 + per week from his laptop in just minutes?
(and 100% legally)
What William has developed is so easy & so ahead of its time …
We guarantee you’ve never seen anything like it before.
Here Are Just Some Of The Results It’s Getting Us Already:
It Takes Just 3 Steps
No ‘Online Marketing’ Required
Hey! Jono Armstrong here.
After generating over $6 million online in the last 18 months, I thought I’d seen it all.
Wow was I wrong.
Meet William.
At just 12 years old, he’s shown me a much easier way to make money …
… that can work for absolutely anyone.
Imagine a method for $1000s in weekly profits …
… that requires ZERO online marketing skill or experience!
  • Hotter than crypto & risk free
  • Easier than copy & paste
  • More profitable than affiliate marketing
  • No list or social following needed
  • 100% free software
  • Zero upfront costs or monthly fees
  • Unlimited profit potential
  • 15 Minutes (or less) per day
Different Is Better
What we have here is:

 NOT any kind of traditional

‘online marketing’

 NOT a rehashed version of something that’s been around for years


 NOT saturated at all – in fact there’s zero competition the way we do it!

This Is …
  • 100% fresh & fun
  • So simple, it’s literally child’s play – more on that below
  • Ridiculously profitable for us and anyone who’s tried it!
Completely New. Shockingly Easy.
The Fastest Way To Make Money In 2021
What’s so great about a profit system created by a 12 year old?
There’s no fluff, theory or wasted time.
With Latitude, what you see is what you get.
And that’s the most straightforward, plug & play system for cashing in from your laptop.
Starting as soon as today.
Sad But True … Even In 2021, 95% Of
Online Marketers Are Broke
Sure, online marketing can work.
But 9 out of 10 people that try it never make money.
And that stat hasn’t changed for over 10 years.
Because with traditional online marketing, the odds are stacked against you.
  • Steep learning curve
  • High costs
  • Extremely risky
  • Takes HOURS per day
  • Massive competition >> which has skyrocketed since the pandemic
Bottom Line?
🚫 Online marketing is mainly trying to get people to 🚫
spend money they don’t want to spend.
That’s one of the hardest jobs on the planet.
So How Does This Make 12 Year Old William
$1000s A Week In Just Minutes?
By putting you in front of money that’s ALREADY being spent.
In one of the hottest industries of the past 2 years.
  • Not affiliate marketing
  • Not eCom
  • Not course creation
  • Not any of the oversaturated online marketing methods people keep failing at.
Instead, William just follows the money … 
and now you can too:
Imagine the most explosive market of our time – with NONE of the downsides
The unlimited profit potential 
of cryptoWithout buying or
trading a single coin
Where investors are driving prices straightup – desperate for ONE thing …
One thing you can effortlessly give them for unlimited financial rewards!
The Biggest Profit… 
 Loophole Of 2021
As exciting as crypto is …
It’s super hard to profit from for most of us.
But crypto has brought us a NEW type of digital asset.
NFTs … basically “digitized art”.
And right now, investors can’t buy them fast enough.
Unlimited demand … not nearly enough supply.
Which means …
Unlimited profit potential for anyone on the ground floor.
Digital GoldMine
The Multi Billion Dollar Market
That’s Growing At 1,785%
So MUCH Money
 Even Household Names Are Jumping In
As Close To
“Money For Nothing”
as we’ve ever seen!
These drawings are not masterpieces.
A 3 year old could make them.
William’s made some with his left hand (he’s right-handed) …
And made great money from those too!
With NFTs, it’s not about quality.
People pay such huge money because they’re ORIGINAL.
Imagine turning a doodle that takes minutes to sketch into hundreds, even 1000s of dollars ….
That’s what we call money for nothing!
In Case You’re Wondering …
You can do this without any art skills or 
even creating a thing yourself
If you’re like William & many beta testers, you might love doing your own drawings.
But you don’t have to!
Latitude shares a free software that lets you turn OTHER PEOPLE’S art into your own … 100% legally.
You don’t need to be famous or have any social following for this to work
No one’s heard of William. He had zero social audience when he started this.
We’ll show you our top FREE traffic source (over 330 million buyers) …
And how these NFTs almost sell themselves.
Got 15 Minutes?
That’s All This Takes
William’s a busy 12 year old.
Homework, chores, social commitments 😃
His parents only give him 15 minutes a day to put into this.
Which is all it takes!
  • Picture a method you can do in 15 minutes over morning coffee … that’s making us thousands a week
  • Enjoy the freedom of a lucrative side hustle that works from your laptop, anywhere in the world
  • Just by plugging in a proven system that includes free traffic & software … so you can scale as high as you want
It’s exactly what William & beta testers are doing … now you can too!
Start From Scratch
See Results As Soon As Today
This isn’t traditional online marketing …
This is FAST.
  • No websites, products or funnels to create
  • You don’t need any expertise or authority
  • There are no fancy softwares to buy
  • You don’t need an email list or social following
  • There’s no video creation, blogging or forum spamming
  • No special skills or tech stuff to learn
Kid Tested.
Adult Approved.
Before they’d let us share this, William’s parents insisted we prove that:
  • This is ethical
  • This is EASY to duplicate
  • Every claim is backed by actual results
Well Latitude passed “the parent test” with flying colors.
And the results speak for themselves:
Latitude lets anyone tap into the crypto-driven world of NFTs for unlimited profit potential …
Without upfront costs, without experience, without risk …
even without creating anything yourself.
  • 15 Minute / Day System PROVEN effective by the 12 year old creator & beta testers
  • Free Buyer Traffic Included From a top influencer platform of over 330 million buyers
  • Free Software Included Access the exact same software we use to automate 99% of this
  • Ground Floor Profit Advantage In the fastest growing crypto market (NFTs) but without the risks!
⭐World’s 1st Crypto-Based Income System
Developed By A 12 Year Old⭐
William makes thousands from this with zero online marketing experience …
If he can do it, ANYONE can!

Unlock The Easiest Way To

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With Latitude there’s nothing standing between you and success.
It’s making us
$1000s Every Week
It’s So SIMPLE You Don’t Need
Paid software
Tech skills
Social media audience
Email list
Sales/Marketing experience
To make videos
To build online stores
Paid traffic
Latitude is so simple and easy …
Other methods look like technical nightmares compared to this.
Here’s Exactly How Latitude Works
In Just 3 Steps
Access the Latitude blueprint
where William walks you through the process over-the-shoulder.
Because Latitude is such a direct income model, you can be up & running in minutes.
Activate the software & free traffic.
Free software automates 99% of the process, and the 330 million buyer traffic source works perfectly with this system.
We carefully cover the simple steps to optimize both for best results.
Sit back & watch the buyers find you.
It’s really that easy!
Buyers in this market are so hungry that they’re looking 24/7 …
Which is why so many new users get
results within just minutes of starting out.
Here’s What You’re Getting With 
Over The Shoulder “Look Mom It Really Is This Easy” Video Training
We show you how to duplicate the Latitude blueprint that’s making us $1000s per week.
From ‘minting’ to listing, you get every shortcut to help you flip NFTs for big dollars fast.
100% beginner friendly from A-Z!
$997 Value
Free Traffic From Over 330 Million Motivated Buyers
Forget paid ads, FB or making YouTube videos …
THIS is where the money is.
See how to exploit a top authority platform packed full of buyers LOOKING for NFTs.
Best part? It plugs right in to the Latitude system!
$1997 Value
DFY Software To Automate & Scale
This is how we get paid from OTHER PEOPLE’S art!
With this, you don’t ever have to draw a single thing if you don’t want to.
This powerful, free-to-use software lets you leverage pre-made art for your own unique NFTs …
Which is exactly how we’re able to scale to $1000s so fast.
$997 Value
5 Figure Case StudiesFrom 
Scratch To $1000s In Real Time
Latitude is all about getting results, and these case studies show you how.
Watch William reveal the exact steps he took to generate thousands in pure profit …
… across MULTIPLE campaigns from A-Z!
You’ll have the exact same tools he used, making it copy-paste simple to duplicate for yourself!
$1497 Value
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It Just Works
See For Yourself
Built For Beginners
BY a beginner
Latitude has been built by a 12 year old with ZERO online marketing experience.
The reason people are doing so great with it is because it’s so simple.
In fact, we guarantee you’ll find Latitude as easy to use as we say it is!
Love Passive Income?
Forget trading time for money
Too many online marketing methods are too much work.
The power of our system is that your NFTs become their own “set & forget” profit centers …
no upkeep required!
Thanks to Latitude, William’s making money in his sleep.
Wouldn’t you like that too?
No More Mr. Nice Guy
Latitude puts YOU in charge.
You don’t have to beg product vendors to promote their stuff.
Forget settling for lousy commissions … now you can keep 100% of the profits.
No pleading with customers to buy from you …
Here the buyers are lined up with their credit cards ready.
There’s no need to worry about upsetting competitors …
With Latitude, you’re offering unique NFTs that have no competition.
Making job-replacing income in minutes a day is amazing.
Having 100% control while you do it?
That’s priceless.
3 More Reasons To
Start Right Now


While we can’t legally say anything about your results …

We CAN say that ALL beta testers made money within 24 hours of starting!


NFTs are the hottest crypto-driven profit opportunity online right now.

Only a tiny percentage of people know what you’ll discover inside Latitude: how to cash in from this unlimited market.


ou keep 100% of the revenues from this.

Plus, you can do it with zero monthly overhead costs.
Make more, keep more … it’s the Latitude way.
Get In On The Hottest Ground Floor Profit Opportunity Of 2021
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But because YOUR early mover profit advantage is bigger the sooner you start …
We’ve slashed the price to a fraction of that to motivate you to get in now.
So instead of $197 or even just $97 …
The early-bird pricing starts at just $13 …
but that’s going up hourly so the sooner you’re in, the more you save!
And just for icing on the cake …
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Do You Want …
More Excuses?
Most options for making money online today don’t give you a fair chance.
They either require you to become an expert, or invest TONS of time & money …
Or they’re make-believe gimmicks that only put money into the owner’s pocket.
Or …
A Real Solution
With Latitude, you get a rinse & repeat system backed by results, not excuses.
With explosive growth in the market …
Plus a proven method that’s child’s play to use …
You can ride this ground floor opportunity to the real laptop lifestyle & live life on your terms.
It’s An Easy Choice & We’re Making It Even Easier
RISK-FREE Enjoy Latitude With No Financial Risk At All
30 Day Unconditional
100% Money Back Guarantee
Take Latitude for a test drive with no risk whatsoever!
Leverage the free software, free traffic & multiple resources to tap into the fastest-growing opportunity in the crypto game right now.
Find it every bit as easy as we say it is …
See that it lives up to every claim on this page …
Or your money back.
No questions asked.
Go on, William DOUBLE DARES you to get in and do even better than he is!
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Is this actually beginner friendly?
Latitude is the most beginner friendly method we’ve ever seen. It’s been created by a 12 year old with zero online marketing experience. You’ve seen his results … there’s nothing stopping you!
What if I don’t know anything about crypto or NFTs?
Great news, you don’t have to! Everything you need to know is spoon fed to you inside the training. Even our most inexperienced beta users were shocked by how simple this is.
Do I have to make any drawings myself?

No, but you can if you want and both options are included with Latitude.

You’ll be given free access to a software that lets you leverage pre-made art for your own gain.
Will I need a budget for traffic?
Not at all! We walk you through the EXACT buyer traffic source we personally use – with over 330 million active users. And you’ll be shown how to tap into all the traffic you need without buying a single ad.
How easy is this to make money with?

Multiple beta testers tell us that this is the easiest money they’ve ever made!

Now legally we can’t claim you’ll get results, but we can and have shared our own results as well as those of others right on this page.Apply the method yourself & if for some shocking reason you’re not thrilled, you can get your money back with the 30 day guarantee.

Get Your Risk-Free License Now!
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