What do you need, use, want a web site to do?

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What do you need, use, want a web site to do? Internet Marketing and/or Business Travel, Advertising & Marketing Travel, Reservations Travel Destinations, Business Operations, Management, & Support Services, Retractable Banner Stands Food & Beverage Industry, Check out this domain name. May well work regardless of your niche area. http://allbusinesssolution.com for Sale $147.00 Fits well into all Social Topics Perhaps your

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Where Are You??

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You must start from where your at, in life, to get wher you dream to be. No one has ever done  what they want to do in life, by starting from where they wanted to be. No one has ever attained a goal they are working on without starting, from wherever in life tghey are. PLUS, No one has ever

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Ok Here It Is

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OK HERE IT IS People who are interested in Domain Name Snagger https://warriorplus.com/o2/a/gzkr0/0 I have been doing this IM thing since 2006. Have seen many many programs that tell me how easy and how fast it is with Their program. Gene Pimentel has created a program that helps me find and buy, what I can feeder domain names. BY that

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I will Not Quit, Nor Give up: UPDATE

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The following is just who I am. It is what you get. Not meant to offend. If you are, sorry. As a Born again believer in Jesus Christ. I have with I call CPMA. I do not call myself a super Christian. I still have daily, if not minute by minute challenges and trials and tribulations, etc.One thing I have

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