Summer Jamboree

A Giant Sale From The Thrive Anywhere Community


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Hours 58
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Lynette Chandler
Lynette Chandler

Founder of Thrive Anywhere

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What’s This About?

Bottom line? It’s about having fun this summer by working together as a community to put together a giant sale. Like a neighborhood yard sale and block party rolled into one. Except, you won’t find any junk here.

How Does It Work?

We like to keep things simple. Enter your name and email above, we’ll send you along to the jamboree shop page where every item there is only $9 each.

For each item you choose to buy, you’ll checkout directly at the vendor’s website. Purchase one, multiples or buy it all if your budget allows.

There’s no pressure to download everything or feel like you’re losing money if you don’t. And, you’re not wasting your hard earned dollars on anything you don’t need it. You are 100% in control.

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What Can I Expect To Find?

Great question! You’ll find many different types of resources to build your business ranging from checklists to done-for-you printables. Some personal use items and some you can sell. It truly is a wide variety of resources. And remember. You don’t have to get anything that you don’t want or need. Here’s a quick snapshot of titles you can expect inside.

Commercial Use

Spiritual Cards for Daily Prayers

Kids Monthly Coloring Calendar

Self-Love Affirmations Coloring Pages

Summertime Road Trip Planner & Journal Kit

Personal Use

Business Start-up Checklist

Plan for Fun (& A Little Work) This Summer

Content Repurposing Checklist

Business Mindset Hacks


Do I Have To Pay?

Nope! Not to get in. You only need to enter a contact name and address. That’s so we can keep you abreast of this sale. We’ll also let you know when we release new products, plus future sales from us and our partners.