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A Brief Bio: My name is Walter Scheu.
My bride and I are small, Micro Mini Farmers in Ulah, North Carolina, US.When we are not online, we raise chickens for egg production. YEP, We grow eggs.

What I share in this eBook is plain, truthful information to help you start or restart your Internet marketing business.

We first started in Internet Marketing in 2006.

First, I lost my job. Then, I suffered a bad car wreck and was laid up at home. I could not afford to pay bills. Then I discovered eBay. That’s how I was introduced to the world of internet marketing.

To our surprise, James J. Jones contacted me about my marketing skills and inspired me to write the book below.

“Quick Start Course to Importing”

my eBooks

We went on to write, “Importing from India” and others

After that, my wife and I dropped internet marketing for ten years to concentrate on our farming life.

When I chose to return…

Wow, was I ever in for a surprise! Nothing was the same. I quickly realized that marketing had changed! I had to learn all over again! Luckily, a successful internet marketing professional has taken me under his wing and has been coaching me to success. He’s what some refer to as a “Big Dog.” But, to me, he’s my friend and mentor.

But enough about me.

Let’s concentrate on YOUR journey.

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