Greetings. Hope your having a Blessed day.
I am putting together, a new and responsive list. For those who want down inside, to make some cash. 99.999/99% just want some cash to pay one (1) bill a month. Cell phone, electric, etc.
Let’s say the bill is a credit card.
Let’s say the amount due, is $50
Let’s say you brought in enough cash, from online marketing to pay this month’s amount.
Let’s say you pay the amount due.THEN, let’s say two (2) days later, after payment processes. You make that same amount payment, and apply it to the principle amount.
QUESTION??? How soon would you have that bill paid off. So you could work on another.
I am seriously looking for a few folks, esp., in America and/or someone, anywhere who is willing to work we us.
Should you elect to join us, you can leave anytime you wish.
NOTE: WE ARE NOT PROMOTING “GET RICH QUICK AND NO WORK” Time, some work ( you decide how much), are needed. Plus sometimes I have had o invest some cash in my families future.
This new list is a work in progress.
Thank You for your time. From our home to our home we speak and declare blessings
Please pen the link below, so w can grow and bring in some cash.
Hopefully we will have a free gift for you, just for joining us