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To The New Marketing World!



You Must Be Thinking Oh These Are Nft’s Right??



With NFT’s yes millions can be made but there is a lot of luck involved.

Digital Download Underground gets you consistently incredible results. It isn’t like buying a lottery ticket.

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Welcome to


These items take seconds to make with sales coming all day from free traffic.

5 seconds to make a thank you note that produces 14,364?
Let’s say you typically make $20 an hour for your time. It would take you normally over 718 hours of work to make this kind of money for this one example.
This is a PASSIVE Income strategy! You get paid over and over again after setting up one time.

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An absolute total new person to marketing or being online can crush it with this.

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The market is so wide open it is nuts

James Renouf and Debbie Drum here.


Debbie came to me a few weeks ago and showed me how much she is crushing it with these tiny digital downloads.

She is always out playing “pickleball”. I asked her how do you have time to go to all of these tournaments?
It is because she has these super simple downloads that are creating crazy money.
We are coming at you with such an effective strategy it is insane.
This works for several reasons. Number one the people who buy these downloads are different than the typical people you sell products to.
Number two You are giving them an emotion, and an experience with such little effort.

You’ve heard the saying that people buy with emotion? That is what you give people. You trade seconds of your time to give thousands of people a smile. You do that and you get paid.

 It literally does not get any easier than this to make money online no matter what level you are at.

Have You Ever Heard of Covid?

Well you could make a quick little digital download for someone to use however they want and make Bank.

This little image made over 6K and counting!

Over $1,759

for this “sign” that takes literally 2 seconds to make


These are just two of THOUSANDS OF EXAMPLES.

This isn’t just about the “corona virus”. The point is this is extremely relevant. At the same time this is evergreen. You can do this over and over again.


This is for anything and everything. Any and ALL niches.

It is nuts what you can sell!
All without having any technical ability. We are both far from having any artistic talent.
There is a multi-billion dollar market of people out there that will buy your digital downloads.

For example,

when a Netflix special comes 

on and gets popular,

you better believe you can sell content around that.

For instance – after Tidying Up with Marie Kindo first premiered, people went crazy on becoming more organized. People started buying all kinds of digital downloads to help them stay more organized.

You can be part of already established marketplaces with 10’s of millions of buyers that buy these things all day long.
 We show you exactly where to go and do this right.

This takes you a few seconds to make

but you get paid over and over again.
These payments come in 24 hours a day! Once you set it up it is hands-off.
No fulfillment.
No support.
Set it and forget it.

What makes this so incredible is that so many people want these items. You keep the price cheap and sale after sale happens. It is all automated.

People don’t care about spending $1. But you care when you sell thousands. It adds up!
You just sit back, set it up once, and the payments come in.
With no money out of pocket, and no paid traffic, Digital Download Underground shows you exactly how to get in front of this crazy market and set it up yourself.

This is so simple to do yet it works so well.

That is what this is all about. The process simply works.

An extremely small amount of your time for the opportunity of thousands of automated sales.
This product shows you exactly how to do this quickly and fast.
You will immediately insert yourself into the market.
You can be anywhere in the world to do this.
There are so many silly things you can make in seconds that people will buy.

A Digital “password tracker”

That is what this is all about. The process simply works.

An extremely small amount of your time for the opportunity of thousands of automated sales.
This product shows you exactly how to do this quickly and fast.
You will immediately insert yourself into the market.
You can be anywhere in the world to do this.
Buyers absolutely love it when you sell them these items

What people typically say

Found this is a whim and ordered so my daughter can have extra practice, and the file was delivered within 5 minutes. Easy to download and print. Awesome!!!
Using these tonight !! Coudn’t be more perfect!
So easy to use and turned out beautifully.
Simple and straightforward. Exactly what I needed.
I actually order these for my mom who had a massive left brain stroke a few months ago. She lost use of her right hand and is having to learn how to write all over again, and do it with her left hand. These are so perfect for her to practice…
Very easy to use platform and template was just i needed
These sales, and happy customers come in every day all organically with no paid traffic!

What you are doing is saving people time

by either giving the messaging or EXPERIENCE that they want.


This digital download which is just some simple words gives the buyer the opportunity to create a “treasure hunt”.

That is the connection you have to make. It isn’t just a 5 second easy to make graphic or some simple words.
You are giving people something of real tangible VALUE even though it is digital.
You aren’t selling some words. In this case the “treasure hunt” is FUN for some kids. Well, this few second process has brought in a staggering $134,215 dollars!!

The amazing thing about this is that it works 

for ANY NICHE under the sun

$159,583.50 for an image that says baby shower!!!!

Everything you need is in the Digital Download Underground course.


Get started in minutes

You do NOT need to be good at writing or have graphics skills.

As soon as you go to the buy button you will get access to this system that shows you exactly what to do.
It is hard to believe that tens of millions of people are repeat buyers of these simple digital downloads but it is true!
Have you ever known someone to have a birthday party, need a sign, congratulate someone, inspirational quotes???

Look at this little trivia game that gives people a question sheet. You give the buyer the answers.

This made a staggering $29,342.85

Are you starting to understand the power of this?

This baby shower emoji game brought in an incredible $239,722.50!!!

Look at this picture that is just digital “labels”

This brought in an insane $107,895

We can go on and on.

It is the simple moments in life that these digital moments capture.

Making money online doesn’t have to be hard!
In fact, it can be fun.
There doesn’t have to be this big convoluted process.
With this system, you need seconds to make each item, and you get paid day after day.
This happens because life doesn’t change. There will always be a need from people out there to consume these tiny digital downloads.
We don’t know or care when someone is going to “Watch the big game”, or graduate high school.
But your download is ready for those people when they end up having that special moment.

Some examples make you shake your head.

We are all aware of emojis but the fact that you simply allowed people to download a picture of emojis in this case made $24,764.25


This is not about being an affiliate.

 This is all your stuff. YOU are the owner.

Your few seconds of time to set up give thousands of people pleasure. You put smiles on people’s faces.

They are happy for what you have done and you get paid for it. It is genius!
Simple, lucrative, and fun!
This is working right now!
This product is designed to take you seconds of your day to potentially give you a full-time income. The opportunity is REAL.
It feels great when you create a new viable online business in seconds.

Come join us on this crazy journey.

This system is proven and profitable.

The price is rising with every sale. Get it now!



Pick it up and you will get your very own digital download from us that gives you 

the exact steps and process to make this happen for you!

The last thing you need to be is a graphic designer. This is for people with no design skill like James Renouf!!

Set these little Digital Downloads up once and get paid over and over again.

This is not just about money. It is about having fun.

James Renouf


Debbie Drum