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I promised you several personalized updates about the crypto space, and opportunities abound that can earn you a lot of money. We have an announcement, and I thought it really lovely to share it with you because it opens up many possibilities to earn money from crypto even if you didn’t know anything about it.


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I got some vital news that shakes up many possibilities, and I thought to share it with you. And the opportunities it will open for investment and business creation. Here it is:


News from the City AM Newspaper reports that Amazon is considering and intending to receive bitcoin as a form payment for its services by the end of 2021. This potentially creates an avenue for the adoption of cryptocurrency transactions and subsequent adoption of the technology. It has been speculated that Amazon is in place to join the cryptocurrency market, following its stand on the position to explore blockchain technology, deep domain expertise, decentralized ledgers, and central bank digital currencies. Inside development has shifted to recruit employees to help Amazon develop a product roadmap and a concrete digital currency strategy.


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