Why The Best Cache Plugins SLOW your site down

SOLVED – 4 Biggest WordPress Caching Issues

Why The Best Cache Plugins SLOW your site down

Hi Folks…

OK so pretty much everyone on the planet knows that if you run a WordPress site today you should be using cache plugins to speed up your site…

It’s by far the most effective way to get a huge speed boost.. & if you’re not doing this you are 100% leaving money on the table as slower sites get lower rankings, less traffic & less sales.

However, even the best WordPress cache products are problematic…

  1. Current cache plugins are complicated to use & often break your site
  2. Most free cache plugins are frequently exploited by hackers.
  3. All cache plugins clear the cache on ALL pages even if you change 1 word on 1 page… which means vital server resources are used to rebuild your site cache
  4. Cache preloading features cause even more site lag especially on larges sites.

So which is the best cache plugin on the market today? The answer will surprise you

Here’s a side by side WordPress Cache Plugin

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If fact it beat the best product on the market by 77%

Viper Cache based on one of the most reliable cache engines on the planet

– it doesn’t play god with your themes or plugins so there is fewer conflicts

– it’s stupidly simple to use with much fewer settings than any other product

– It’s built on a secure framework which massively reduces the potential for hacking

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– it has smart cache clearing & rebuilding technology so it doesn’t hog your site’s server resources or slow your site down like other products

– It’s built using the fastest cache features without compromise on site stability

Viper Cache also lowers your bandwidth by shielding your site from hot-linking, bad bots & know site scrapers – which makes it unique on the market

It’s on special offer right now, you can save 69% over full price…well worth checking out

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Walter Scheu