Thank you, for looking at this post. I hope you will read it all. Everything I have written is factually true. If you have been done anything related to Internet Marketing, you know I am telling the truth.

Here we go:




I personally and maybe even you have bought numerous list building products. I have used and built lists of numerous names of  Buyers, only to have email after email to come up blank, with ZERO conversions.. In North Carolina, we call it Shot Gunning. Shot Gun shells contain many pellets of different sizes. These pellets spread out and cover a larger area that just one bullet. Hence, a better chance of hitting something.

Each and every time without fail, someone is sending us emails and is trying to get us to buy their product. They will tell us that without fail or remorse, their product is the one to build our list. After that we are in the money. How much, I wish that was true.

As far as Internet Marketing is concerned, the money is not in your  list.  Regardless of how many names the list has. Before we can have a list, we must have a reason for someone to be on our list. Hence, the first and foremost thing we need is a Project List.

However, wait for it …….. The money is not even in the Project List..A list of projects cannot and save your business. Nor will a project list put the first or any other sales in your account.

Right about now you are thinking, as I did before I found the answer. What is the foolish person talking about?  Without a doubt I know how you feel, I felt the same way. I realized with the help of a mentor and teacher, just exactly where the “the money is not in the list” Yea that is absolutely, for real, for sure.

Let me share with you, exactly what I found and what I found out. I learned (not exactly sure when or how) that the key ingredient is a “Product”. The Title above should read The $ is in the products on the List.. Not one single product but numerous. Why numerous? Some buyers will buy usually buy certain products, based upon what the product can do for their business. I am of the view that with various products at different levels of we will attract and keep buyers with different experience levels. I don’t know about you. I am not Teckie . Anything, I buy must be simple and fast to use.