30 Minutes of Your Day

30 Minutes of Your Day

Well I would do that Internet Marketing thing, But I have a job. I have a husband/iwife and a family. . I do not have time.

A long time successful Internet Marketer, Dennis Becker wrote


Even f it is a temporary. a for 30 min a day, it interrupts    your focus, from all of your normal daily projects, duties and honey do’s.

30 mins a day is all that it will ever take, to change your life.

are you willing to set a side 30 min a day to work towards your why? At the least 30 mins.

If you are trying to learn a new skill. 30 mins a day will a make you and expert  is less tan a year.

You can write a book at only 30 min a day.

You can build a assume affiliate  relationship and joint venture partners.

30 mines a day will explod your efforts exponentially.


30 mins a day of, incremental progress, is the start of positive momentum,  works.

It takes 21 to 30 days, to start and/or  change a new habit. according to which expert you listen too, 1st 3 weeks are rough, makes you want to quit…After that it starts to become a part of a daily routine

Contacting the first few potential JV partners may scare you but after a while and the first successes, its np.