Hoping All Is Well in Your Life


I always like to start a Newsletter to you with POSITIVE.

We are positive today is a good day.

We are positive that we are

thankful for your being a member

of our newsletter, Family. Family? YES.

I have am blessed to be able to

take part in  Internet Marketing.

The following was not planed to be  in this.

One of the biggest Blessings I have had,

relating to Internet Marketing is

being able to share, with others. Good, Positive Stuff.

You may or may not know this.

I have been in the ministry since 1974.

There is just something about being able

to do something for someone.

Especially when they are in a place

and time of sickness, death, or a birthday, etc.

One event, I recall, which still gives me joy is this one.

I was on facebook, some months ago

and saw that a pastor had been out ministering

to  a member whose brother had just passed away.

When they got home, about an hour later,

they were told their brother had just passed.

Because a friend had shared a program

with me that I had already found a use for in the ministry,

I was able to share.

I pulled up the program, created a sympathy card,

added the name and address of the pastor.

Next I clicked on the  Button “SEND NOW”

That was it. Card was on its way to be printed,

put in a stamped envelope and taken to the post Office.

Some would say well, “that is not all that special”

Because you sent a sympathy card. Very true.

For me, what makes it “special” is that

in addition to personally inputting personal Photos,

I was able. sitting at my computer,

to enter special and personal thoughts.

That extra, personal touch. That comment to another,

from my heart, just seems to bring a good thing.

Hope your not bothered or offended. If you are,

I am sorry. When I sat down to send you this.

I was just going to share a thank you have a blessed day.

To share a personal “THANK YOU” for just being

a member of what I call our Newsletter family.

OK , I am going to close. As I always lie to do. Just let me say.

From Our Home, to Your Home. I speak and declare Blessings.

If you would like to send someone a card. Ursula and I have made that possible. It is our pleasure. Please just let us know when you send it walter@imwithwalter.com

OK Here is the Link and video to show how easy it is.http://ltl.is/RjswH