Diabetic Domain Names for Sale – With a Product

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For Your Information:

1.We are the Owners of Record. All of the Domain  Names Listed below are being sold with at least one (1) item being, an eBook (‘s),Video (‘s) or a combination thereof.

2. All items/products are being sold with certain right for whoever buys them. All you your rights as a buyer, will be listed with the item.As best we can provide. Any and all values shown are ESTIMATES ONLY. We believe all are valued at 500USD. All Domain Names and the associated items ar priced at 97USD, EACH.

All of these domains have been pre-valued at over $500 each. The valuation method is a historical comparison of past sales of millions of domain names in the marketplace.
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3. All sales are final and are processed using an Escrow company. When you purchase the Domain Name and items, it is with the understanding and agreement, that ” ALL SALES ARE FINAL” ONCE YOU TAKE POSSESSION  AND PROCESSING HAS BEEN COMPLETED. YOU OWN IT.

Of course always ask us, should you have any questions. We will reply ASAP.

http://diabetesfactsheet.com                  Sale  Price is  $147USD

http://diabetesherbaltreatments.com      Sale Price is  $147USD

http://easydiabetesrecipes.com              Sale Price is  $147USD

http://diabetesdisorders.com                  Sale Price is   $147USD

http://diabeticdietplanner.com                Sale Price is    $147USD

http://diabetesfoodplan.com                   Sale Price is    $147USD