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Most of the items, most people buy online, are ones that the person selling has all buy used up as a cash flow, income source.

We are in fellowship contact and working with some of the TOP Marketers in the Internet Marketing arena.

Our associations with these folks allows us to access and share with you, *** CURRENT AND CASH FLOW ***

RELEVANT PROGRAMS FOR USE BY US “”NOW””. Not after they have used up all of the resources.

Yesterday I showed you the Top internet buying countries.

Top 10 Selling Countries for Affiliate Marketers.

1 China 52.3 %

2 India 36.5 %

3 United States 88.6 %

4 Brazil 67.5

5 Japan 91.0 %

So let’s say the this sales evaluation is used by firms that go from door to door selling.

For every 10 people you approach (7) will say No

For the (3) , who say ok I’ll look

One and only ONE ( 1) will buy.

So given all of the above as true and it is..

Why not invest yourself into a relationship with those who produce current, relevant ,” REPEATING” product sales?

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