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Tips for doing Internet Marketing with Facebook

  • Use the “friends feature” to separate business from personal contacts by grouping them into various niches based on their relationship to you.

  • Turn off photo tagging. Try to keep photos of your kick back time with friends and family personal.

  • Monitor your Friends list. Who can see it? Do you want people seeing your friends and business contacts when they aren’t friended with you? 
  • Choose who can see your contact info. From a business aspect, you’re going to be approving people who you may not personally know. Do you want them, or anyone truly, seeing your personal phone number and email address?

  • Personally, I do not want my business contacts, many of who I do not know on a personal level, seeing everything our family does. Try changing the controls to allow who sees your pictures and posts. Do you want everyone being able to comment on your wall? Consider changing the feature to approve content before they are posted.

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