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People who are interested in Domain Name Snagger


I have been doing this IM thing since 2006.✔️ Have seen many many programs that tell me how easy and how fast it is with Their program.👎

Gene Pimentel has created a program that helps me find and buy, what I can feeder domain names. BY that I use them to drive traffic, “”Buying Traffic”” to our main site.

He sends me about 900 to 1000 domain names in a 7 day period.✔️✌️😀

Some I have bought to keep. Some I have bought to resell at +or – 1,000 % over what I bought them for them. Now I am not saying that I do this everyday.However once or twice a week is not bad income off of one product.😍😍✔️

When you need a [;ace to purchase and park your domain names

I suggest you use THCservers.
https://www.thcservers.com/portal/aff.php?aff=388 These folks avery very good to work with.
Customer Service is great and fast.

Thank You for your time.

We speak blessings upon your home. from ours

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